The Verso Group

Bringing together nationwide wealth management expertise and decades of investment experience and insight, welcome to the Verso Group.

Our team

Our business is driven by people, and we’re growing fast. Meet the experts who make up our team and learn more about their experience and interests.

Our group

As a national financial advice and investment group, we provide clarity for clients across the UK. See the location and contact details of our member firms.

Social responsibility

Our desire to be a socially responsible business informs every decision we make, from protecting our communities to focusing on sustainability.

Modern thinking, grounded in tradition

The Verso story is about families. We’ve brought together a community of top-tier financial advice firms, a longstanding investment manager, and an award-winning digital investment advice platform. Collectively, we empower every generation to make whatever money they have work harder for them and their loved ones.

Verso’s national advisor community has grown through the acquisitions of CDC Wealth Management, Pavis Financial Management, Campbell Thomson, Heritage, and IEP Financial. Today, these specialist advice firms continue to do what they do best, supported by innovations and research to provide a stronger service than ever – a promise from our family to yours.

Our vision

With great people and technology, we aim to accelerate sustainable wealth management to the whole of the UK population.

Our mission

To build, protect, and manage wealth sustainably for and through the generations.

Our values


Acting with integrity towards our clients, people, and partners, always.


Ahead of the rest, always looking for pioneering ways of working, and embracing advanced technology as the norm.


Everyone at Verso is an expert in their respective fields.


We drive sustainable investing and actively promote protecting our planet throughout our group.


Trust that your assets and security are safe with us.


Making finance fun is always our aim.